Digital Communication Leadership Program

Digital Communication Leadership Program

12 Months (1050 Hours)

In this programme students have three learning areas:

1. Content Creation

2. Digital Marketing

3. Digital Business

They are given 360 degree training in all aspects of a E-business to become future leaders in digital space. A learner equipped with training in DCLP is expected to lead a digital business team in an organization after gaining work experience


Who Should Attend:
1. Students aspiring to undergo training for becoming business leaders/entrepreneurs in    digital space.

2. Executives who aspire to go up the ladder and enhance their skill sets.

3. Entrepreneurs who want to set up start ups in digital space or expand their business with    the aid of digital media.


What They Will Achieve
They will develop basic idea about developing content for digital media. They will know all aspects of digital marketing including social media, search engine marketing and search engine optimization. They will know the digital business including skill sets for setting up enterprises and financial planning.