Management Program in Digital Marketing

Management Program in Digital Marketing

Duration: 6 Months (600 Hours)

In Digital Marketing Manager curriculum, students learn all the skills imparted in Digital Marketing Executive Programme. Additionally they are equipped with following:

1. To formulate a short term Marketing campaign strategy.

2. Formulate a long term brand building strategy.

3. Team building skills

4. Leadership skills

5. Cost and budgeting skills.

6. Analytics and reporting skills.


Who Should Attend:
1. People pursuing professional courses, aspiring managerial position or to set up entrepreneurial  venture.

2. People with experience in the executive level of digital marketing.

3. People with work experience in other field aspiring for managerial position in Digital     Marketing.


What They Will Achieve
1. They will learn to independently handle a campaign for a brand in various channels of digital    media with responsibility for ROI.

2. To document and implement a brand building strategy.

3. Develop managerial skills.

4. Learn budgeting techniques.

5. Prepare MIS report.